‘LINE AI Assistant' Brings AI Power to LINE Messenger

2024.02.22 ALL

■ Transform your daily routine with AI-driven searches, translations, content analyses and more

■ Free and premium services now available to LINE users across Japan


TOKYO – February 22, 2024 LY Corporation (Japanese name: LINEヤフー株式会社) today announced the launch of “LINE AI Assistant,” a messenger-based service for answering questions, analyzing information and offering advice. (Available in Japan only).


※  Available for the LINE app in Japan, versions 14.1.0 and above


Using APIs from Open AI and others, LINE AI Assistant is a monthly subscription service that allows users to add the AI as a LINE Official Account then interact with it, just like chatting with a friend. Users can ask the AI to research any subject, offer ideas for projects for work or school, translate or summarize images/files, analyze images, or help with cooking ideas and finding recipes.

LINE AI Assistant offers a free plan, where users can get up to five replies from the AI per day for free, and a paid plan, offering unlimited access to all features for JPY990 (about US$6.60) per month (tax included). The free plan is limited to text messages only and does not include translations/summaries of images/files or image analysis.

This launch comes after the introduction of LINE AI Q&A in Japan at the end of January, a service that allows users to ask questions to both generative AI and other users, utilizing OpenAI's API. LINE AI Q&A is a Q&A service co-created by AI and our users. Users can freely post questions by accessing a dedicated page from the home screen on the LINE app. AI responds to questions quickly at first, and then other users can also provide answers, allowing the questioner to consider a variety of opinions.

The introduction of these latest initiatives based on generative AI is the latest example of the LY Corp. mission: "Create an amazing life platform that brings WOW! to our users.” It’s all about delivering inspiring services that make people’s lives richer and more convenient through the internet. 


■ LINE AI Assistant Overview



- Free plan: Up to 5 AI replies per day (text only)

- Paid plan (beginning March 21): JPY990 (tax included) / (Until March 20): JPY500 (tax included)

- Unlimited access to all features (internet searches; image translations, summaries, and analyses; and file translations and summaries)

- For more details, please refer to: https://lin.ee/BM5IWmB/xssq/pr


LINE AI Assistant Official Webpage (in Japanese)



How to use:

- Go to the LINE app home screen and, under Services, select “See all”

- Select LINE AI, open LINE AI Assistant, and add the LINE official account as a friend.

- Agree to LINE AI Assistant’s Terms of Service, then you’re ready to start asking questions right there in the chat room.


* Starting a chat adds the LINE AI Account as a LINE official account to your chat list. 

* To use all features, Japan’s LINE app version 14.1.0 or later is required. 

* Specifications of this feature are subject to change without notice. 

* LY's Common Terms of Use (https://www.lycorp.co.jp/ja/company/terms/) and LINE AI Assistant’s Terms of Use (https://terms2.line.me/line_ai_assistant_term?lang=), as well as OpenAI's (USA) Usage Policies (https://openai.com/policies/usage-policies), apply. 

* LY does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, completeness, or validity of the results generated by AI.

* LINE AI Assistant uses the Calomir API from Lifelog Technology Inc., among others, for OpenAI's generative AI.