LINE Plus Corporation’s Privacy Policy (Ver. 1.4)

Those of us at LINE Plus Corporation (, ) "we,” “our,” “us”) make it a rule to observe regulations for protection of personal information to be observed by personal information processors under relevant laws including the Personal Information Protection Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., the Protection of Communications Secrets Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, etc. We do all that we can to protect the rights and interests of data subjects under the Privacy Policy, which are based on relevant laws. These Privacy Policy have the following contents.

1. Personal information items processed

1) We collect the following personal information concerning job application, inquiries/answers related to job applications, and identification of persons eligible for employment benefits.
- Required information: Name, password for correction of job application, email address, phone number (mobile/land phone), DOB, gender, photo, nationality, name of last school attended, academic background, major, experience (in the case of experienced applicants), military service (reason for not completing military duty, if applicable), portfolio, military benefit (if applicable), disability-related matters, conflict of interest items, etc.
- Optional information: Experience-related matters, qualifications, awards received, language proficiency, special skills, voluntary activities-related matters, LINE ID, etc.
- Others: Information on recommendation of outsiders, information on reference check (if applicable)
- And what are separately stipulated by the government of the home country of an applicant.

2) We collect the following personal information in matters associated with proposals for business alliance and response to such proposals.
- Required items: Name of the company (or institution), names of persons, phone number, email address
- Optional items: Website address, fax number

3) The following information may be created automatically and collected in the course of users’ use of our services or the business handling process.
- Browser types/OSs used by data subjects; visit-related records (IP Address, connecting time), cookies
- Information like email addresses and (wired/wireless) phone numbers may also be collected in the course of receiving/responding to proposals for business alliances or inquiries about recruitment.

We collect personal information through users’ entering their info on our website, web documents or through computer printouts or emails.

2. Purpose of processing personal information

  1. 1) Job applicant screening, correction of contents of job application, ascertainment of eligibility requirements, ascertainment of application result, securing channels for smooth communication with applicants, suggestions for recruitment
  2. 2) Ascertainment of personnel in charge concerning business alliance proposal and securing channels for smooth communication, preservation of records for dispute arbitration

3. Provision of personal information to a third party

We use personal information only within the extent stated in the foregoing 2. “Purpose of processing personal information.” We obtain data subjects’ prior consent when we need to make an exception to the foregoing sentence. We do not disclose data subjects’ personal information to a third party, if not in the following circumstance.

  • - Data subjects’ prior consent
  • - Where required under the law or there is a request from a law enforcement agency under the law

We allow businesses specially related to us (i.e. a subsidiary, affiliate, overseas corporation, etc.) to access the details of job applications in connection with the need for job openings. The details are as stated in the following table. The details are as stated in the following table.

Those to whom we provide personal information Purpose of using personal information by those receiving it from us Personal information items provided Period for keeping/using personal information on the part of those receiving it
LINE Biz Plus Corporation, LINE Financial Plus Corporation, LINE UP Corporation, LINE STUDIO Corporation, IPX Corporation, LINE Investment Technologies Corporation, LINE NEXT Corporation, LINE PLAY Corporation, LINE Corporation., LINE Euro-Americas Corp., LINE FRIENDS INC., LVC USA Inc., LINE TECH PLUS PTE.LTD., LINE Bank Taiwan Limited, LINE Company (Thailand) Limited, LINE Man (THAILAND) Company Limited, RABBIT-LINE PAY COMPANY LIMITED, LINE Financial Taiwan Limited, LINE Friends Taiwan Limited, LINE Pay Taiwan Limited, Shinewant Technology Co., Ltd, LINE Taiwan Limited, PT. LINE PLUS INDONESIA, LINE NEXT Inc., LINE Man Corporation PTE. LTD, LINE VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED Job openings, job applicant screening/management, securing channels for smooth communication with applicants, Personnel management, etc. Job application-related details including resume 5 years

4. Entrustment of personal information processing

We entrust the business of processing personal information as follows for improvement of our service and smoother handling of business. Our in-house regulations require that personal information be managed safely under the law when it is handled by a trustee.

For handling of personal information within the country

Trustees Content of business entrusted Period for keeping/using personal information
NAVER CLOUD Corporation Website development, operation/maintenance; Service-related system operation Until the relevant purpose is attained or until the rumination of the entrustment contract
Reference Check Korea Inc., WECRUIT Reference check (if applicable)
Grepp Coding test
Assesta HRC Personality Test

- For handling of personal information outside the country

Trustees Personal Information Manager and contact information Purpose of handling personal information outside the country Relevant personal information items The country where personal information is handled When to move personal information out of the country and how Period for using personal information
Avature Proceeding with recruitment procedure; personnel management, etc., as determined by LINE Plus. Job application-related details including resume, as determined by LINE Plus Data is stored in Japan. In order to perform technical support or professional services, data may be accessed from Australia, the United States, Europe and Argentina (and other approved countries under Article 45, GDPR). Transmission through network at the time of submittal of job application. Access may also be required at the time of performance of technical support or professional services. 5 years, as determined by LINE Plus

5. Period for processing and keeping personal information

We destroy data subjects’ personal information upon attaining the relevant purpose. We keep the said personal information in our resource pool for 5 years and use it for recruitment of new employees. We always immediately comply with a job applicant’s request for deletion of his/her personal information from our record. We keep the contents of business alliance applications registered with us for 3 months after completion of review.

6. Procedure and method of personal information destruction

Our procedure and method of destruction of personal information kept by us are as follows:

  1. A. Destruction procedure
    - Upon attaining the purpose, the information entered by data subjects is relocated to a separate database (or a file in case of paper documents) and kept for a given period (5. “Period for processing and keeping personal information”) per in-house guidelines and the law
    - We do not use personal information for a purpose other than what is designated unless otherwise required by law.
  2. B. Destruction method
    - Personal information printouts are destroyed, using a shredder or incinerator.
    - Personal information stored in the form of an electronic file is deleted in a non-recoverable way.

7. Rights/obligations of data subjects and how to exercise/fulfill them

Data subjects may access or correct their personal information registered with us or may ask us to delete or stop processing it at any time. Our Personal Information Manager will immediately comply with data subjects’ request for deletion or stoppage of processing made in writing, phone or email.

8. Technical/administrative measures for protection of personal information

We take the following technical/administrative steps required to secure the safety of personal information of data subjects.

  1. A. Encryption of password
    he password designated by a data subject at the time of joining the Company is managed after encryption. The data subject is the only person who knows it and can check or change it.
  2. B. Countermeasures against hacking or the like
    We do all that we can to prevent the leakage or damage of personal information of data subjects due to hacking or computer virus. For such a purpose, we engage in the backup of materials from time to time, use updated vaccine programs, and ensure that personal information is transmitted safely in networks by means of encoded communications. We use an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to block unauthorized attempts to access the personal information kept by us. We strive to be equipped with all available technical devices to ensure tight security for our systems.
  3. C. Keeping the number of employees handling personal information to the minimum possible and training of them
    We keep the number of employees handling personal information to the minimum possible, use passwords for this purpose, and change them periodically. We have employees handling personal information attend relevant training sessions from time to time, reminding them of the importance of protection of job applicants' personal information.
  4. D. Operation of a personal information protection team
    We operate a team dedicated to the protection of personal information and strive to resolve any issues immediately by checking to see that the Privacy Policy are complied with. However, we shall not be responsible for any loss and/or damages not attributable to us including those caused by data subjects’ carelessness in an area beyond our control, where we have fulfilled our obligation for protection of personal information.

9. Chief Privacy Officer’s contact number

A data subject may file complaints about personal information protection to our Chief Privacy Officer stated in the following table and he will handle them promptly and faithfully.

  • Chief Privacy Officer

Contact the organizations shown below to file reports or seek consultation for other privacy infringements.

Privacy Infringement Report Center ( / Phone no. 118)
Cyber Crime Investigation Unit, Supreme Prosecutor’s Office ( / Phone no. 1301)
Cyber Terror Response Center, National Police Agency ( / Phone no. 182)

10. Other

These Privacy Policy do not apply to acts of collecting personal information carried out by websites linked to our website.

11. Relevant notification

In the event of revision or deletion of the contents of these Privacy Policy, we will post a notice about it, using a separate box on our website, at least 7 days in advance, or at least 30 days in advance concerning an important change that may affect data subjects’ rights such as collection/use of personal information or provision of personal information to a third party.

Public notice posted on: Apr 20, 2022
To enter into force on: May 20, 2022